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úton is a Hungarian word that translates to “on the way” in English. A beautiful way to express the extraordinary journey a woman takes to bring a precious life into this world and their transition into motherhood.


Kinga Kertes

4/19/2022 3 min read

úton is a Hungarian word that translates to “on the way” in English.

A beautiful way to express the extraordinary journey a woman takes to bring a precious life into this world and their transition into motherhood.

We are a Melbourne based emerging maternity label with a difference. Our vision is to provide a sustainable alternative to mass produced, disposable nursing and maternity wear, while still offering modern and affordable high-quality pieces to customers.

We are known for our innovative, modern designs and ethical business model that reduces waste, supports local workers and limits our carbon footprint. Our aim is to deliver minimalist maternity wear for the environmentally conscious mum-to-be.

We are embracing Fashion Revolution Week

úton is proud to be part of the global Fashion Revolution movement. This global movement encourages customers to practise mindful consumption, and demand transparent business processes. We want our customers to know exactly what they are buying, how it is created, who sew our garments together, where the materials came from, how we reduce waste and lower our carbon footprint, and the entire process of creating beautiful ethical maternity wear.

One of the main campaign goals of Fashion Revolution Week is transparency. Every year for the anniversary of the horrible collapse of Rana Plaza in 2013, where 1100 garment workers lost their lives working for some of the biggest fashion brands in the word, Fashion Revolution Week brings brands and organisations together to demand accountability and change in the fashion industry.

This practice of openly sharing information underpins the core values of úton:

  • Minimalism

  • Made in Melbourne

  • Made to order

  • Slow fashion

úton’s innovative and minimalist designs contribute to global waste reduction

We offer a curated selection of premium staples and wardrobe basics for mums, inspired by minimalism and a passion to reduce textile waste. Our considered designs blend comfort and style by combining our asymmetric minimalist aesthetic with exceptionally fitting practical pieces.

To beat the relentless fashion calendar and to avoid the never-ending cycle of churning out hundreds of new designs every season (and the insane amount of excess stock and waste that comes with), we focus on seasonless maternity basics in 3 core colours that can be worn long after the pregnancy and so adding to our “quality over quantity” core value. Our beautiful maternity styles transcend seasons and we never have “out-of-date” stock that is doomed to be discarded.

During the design process we took every detail into consideration, from the limited use of trims, through our biodegradable packaging, to the repeated use of cardboard patterns instead of printing new production markers for every order.

Supporting local businesses

Manufacturing is a very underappreciated and undervalued part of the fashion industry and Fashion Revolution Week highlights the exploitation of garment workers and the shocking fact that most of them don’t make a living wage.

For us it was a given that every úton garment is produced locally. This is the most transparent way to ensure that our makers are paid a fair wage and work under safe conditions. We visit them on a regular basis and work closely together on every order.

Sewing and pattern making both require extraordinary skillsets and years of experience to truly master the craft. We make everything in Melbourne and it’s not just about supporting the industry, but also recognising the value and quality that can be achieved by local makers.

Made-to-order because less is more

In a world of overabundance of waste, úton follows a different approach.

Majority of our garments are produced on a made-to-order basis, meaning that styles will only be sewn up after the customer has placed the order. This does mean a significantly slower process and longer wait time for customers, but ensures them that the garments they bought are sustainable made and represent high ethical value. We also stock a small amount of our core and best-selling women's maternity clothes to cater to customers who prefer to have their order shipped out faster.

As a result, we eliminate overproduction and minimise excess stock to significantly contribute to waste reduction.

Slow fashion - buy less but buy quality that lasts!

One of the basic principles of slow fashion is to have less but invest in quality garments and that is what úton is all about!

Every piece of clothing we produce is made to last and designed to be worn throughout pregnancy and beyond. Our modern maternity basics can be mixed and matched on their own or worn with favourite fashion pieces and are guaranteed to be loved long after breastfeeding.

We work with durable and comfortable fabrics to create maternity clothes in timeless, practical styles. One of our core fabrics is an OEKO-TEX viscose which has been tested for harmful chemicals and holds and international certificate. We are also proudly using recycled polyester made from discarded plastic bottles in a number of designs.

The way to go

Úton maternity wear is designed and manufactured in Melbourne, with an emphasis on beautiful, quality designs that help reduce waste and limit our carbon footprint.

We believe in slow fashion and supporting mindful consumption through the use of considered resources and ethical manufacturing practices.

We are proud of our efforts and hope to build more understanding of local production, and the need to increase accountability in the fashion industry.

By Kinga Kertes, Founder.

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