Not exhaustive by a long shot, here is a directory of organisations that do good for the planet. Charities, not for profits, industry organisations, there are so many! We'll add to this list regularly so be sure to check out the page every now and again.

1% for the Planet logo
1% for the Planet

The intent of 1% for the Planet is to help fund diverse environmental organisations so that collectively they can be a more powerful source in solving the world’s problems.

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Planet Ark logo
Planet Ark

Planet Ark is an Australian not-for-profit environmental organisation, which works with the public and businesses alike to help find the simple ways in which they can reduce their impact on the planet, at home, at work and in the community.

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Save the Daintree. HalfCut call to action

HalfCut is a passionate non-for-profit with a focus on running fun and accessible campaigns that bring urgently needed funding for rainforest protection and regeneration.

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good on you logo
Good on you

Good On You (website and app) is one of the world’s leading source of ratings, information, offers and news about ethical and sustainable fashion.

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Helping Australian buyers make smart purchases today. Read independent and unbiased reviews, product tests, articles, information and buying guides from the experts at CHOICE.

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WWF logo

WWF is one of Australia’s most trusted conservation organisations. WWF works in Australia and in the Asia-Pacific region to protect endangered species and habitats, meet the challenge of climate change, and build a world where people live in harmony with nature.

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B Corp logo
B Corp

Creating the change to work toward a world where business is a force for good, and plays a leading role in positively impacting and transforming the global economy into a more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative system.

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women wearing 1 Million Women t shirts
1 Million Women

A global movement of women and girls, empowering women everywhere to act on climate change through everything they do - through the way they live, the choices they make and through using their voices and their vote.

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Bush Heritage Australia logo
Bush Heritage Australia

Independent not-for-profit that buys and manages land, and collaborates with others, to conserve Australia’s landscapes and native species forever.

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Greenpeace logo

Independent organization that uses peaceful protest and creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems and promote solutions for a green and peaceful future.

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Clean Energy Council logo
Clean Energy Council

The Clean Energy Council is the peak body for the clean energy industry in Australia. A not-for-profit, membership-based organisation representing Australia's leading renewable energy and energy storage businesses, as well as rooftop solar installers.

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Climate Council logo
Climate Council

The Climate Council is Australia’s leading climate change communications organisation, providing expert, science-based advice on climate change to the Australian public.

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RIAA logo

The Responsible Investment Association Australasia champions responsible investing and a sustainable financial system in Australia and New Zealand. RIAA is dedicated to ensuring capital is aligned with achieving a healthy society, environment and economy.

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Take 3 for the Sea logo
Take 3 for the Sea

Plastic pollution is killing wildlife, devastating oceans and threatening the health of our planet. Take 3 believes in simple actions to address complex problems.

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The Ocean Clean Up logo
Clean Up Australia

The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organisation, is developing and scaling technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic, with the aim of putting themselves out of business once the oceans are clean.

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Australian Conservation Foundation Logo
Australian Conservation Foundation

ACF is an independent national environment organisation in Australia, funded by donations from the community, who speak out for a world where forests, rivers, people and wildlife thrive.

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Clean Up Australia logo
Ocean Cleanup

Started well over 30 years ago, Clean Up Australia inspires and empowers communities to clean up, fix up and conserve our environment.

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Earth Hour logo
Earth Hour

Calling on people everywhere to sign up to switch off and join a worldwide community of millions supporting stronger action on climate change.

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Global Optimism logo
Global Optimism

Stubborn optimism is a deliberate mindset. Humanity has the capacity and ingenuity to address any challenge – including the climate crisis.

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Australia reMade logo
Australia Remade

Australia reMADE is on a mission to support ambitious, collaborative, and transformative change-makers to create the Australia people dream of and want to see in reality.

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Fashion Revolution Logo
Fashion Revolution

Founded in the wake of the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013, Fashion Revolution is the world’s largest fashion activism movement, mobilising citizens, brands and policymakers through research, education and advocacy.

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ACE Hub by Planet Ark logo
Australian Circular Economy Hub

The Australian Circular Economy Hub is a Planet Ark initiative and a network for anyone interested in the principles of the circular economy.

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Vegan Australia logo
Vegan Australia

Veganism is a social justice movement that is striving to bring about a world where animals are not exploited for food, clothing, entertainment or any other purpose.

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SeaTrees logo

Having already planted 1 million trees, SeaTrees are on a mission to help restore mangrove, kelp and coral forests by planting millions more sea trees in a growing number of locations around the world.

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