Is Being Eco Friendly Expensive?

If you believe it's too expensive to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, let us prove otherwise. Here is a list of things you can start doing today, that are either super cheap or completely free. (Some will actually save you money!)


Liz de Vries

12/9/2021 2 min read

It's the age-old argument that making conscious and more sustainable choices is often more expensive, but is it actually true? We've collated 28 eco-friendly choices you can make which are completely cost-less (in fact, some will actually save you money!)

1.     Eat less meat.

 2.     Stop buying bottled water. 

3.     Buy less stuff.

 4.     Walk or ride more; drive less.

 5.     Turn off the lights. They don't all have to be on all the time.

 6.     Don’t buy plastic shopping bags from the supermarket. Bring your own bags.

7.     Say no to straws.

8.     Shower shorter.

9.     Invest in the simplest grey water system: use a bucket to catch ‘run off’ water in the shower and use it to water your garden or flush the toilet.

10.  Buy second hand clothes at the Op Shop, Vinnies, Salvos, or Depop.

11.  Don't throw out clothes. Donate, swap or sell them.

12.  Don’t run the aircon unnecessarily.

13.  Set the aircon no cooler than 24 degrees. We promise it does the job just as well and costs heaps less.

14.  In winter when the heater is on: close the curtains.

15.  Ditto in the heat: keep windows and curtains closed when the sun beats on them. 

16.  Close internal doors to keep heat out or warmth in (depending on the season).

17.  Bring your own take away cup.

18.  Don't take away but enjoy your coffee while sitting down in your favourite café.

19.  Make your take away coffee or tea at home.

20.  Take bottles and cans to your local Return & Earn.

21.  Recycle all other bottles and containers.

22.  Recycle soft plastics at RedCycle drop off points in your local supermarket.

23.  Make use of your council's chemical round up days.

 24.  Buy bars of soap, not plastic bottles of liquid hand soap. 

25.  Bring your own shopping bags.

26.  Put a notice on your mail box requesting no junk mail.

27.  Ask for all bills and bank statements to be emailed to you.

28.  Repair clothes and shoes, don’t throw them out.