BIG change

What are some of the changes we can make that will have a big effect?

Become more plant based

Move to a responsible bank

Move to an ethical Superfund

Buy green electricity

Change how we move around


Does your bank still invest in fossil fuels? Market Forces, an Australian organisation, have analysed which banks still do and which banks don’t. Read their comprehensive list here.

Buy green electricity

Want to switch to a renewables provider but don't know where to start? Greenpeace has done the hard yards in finding the best green electricity providers out there at the moment to compile their Green Electricity Guide.


The majority of Australia’s Superfunds still invest in fossil fuels, gambling, gun manufacturing, and other industries with a less than sustainable outlook for Planet Earth. Marketforces have analysed Australia's Superfunds for their green credentials.


Are you in for a new car? Working out whether to buy a petrol, electric or hybrid car? Planet Ark's Elise Caterall recently wrote a blog in which she explains her rationale for choosing a second hand hybrid car.

Woman in a bus

The expansion of agricultural land has been one of mankind’s largest impacts on the environment. According to Our World in Data, whilst half of the world’s habitable land is used for agriculture, a massive 77% of that half is used for grazing animals or for animal feed production (i.e. the food for the animals we end up eating).

Nuclear Power and Renewable Energy

Learn in detail how the different sources of energy (fossil fuels, renewables and nuclear) are generated and which ones are the most efficient and produce the least waste. A really informative blog by Cordie from Envirocask.

Read more here


Bank Australia's recent blog Net zero by 2035: it’s time to raise the bar on climate action explains why 2050 is too late and we need to raise the bar on climate action

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Green Electricity

Learn more about Enova Community Energy, the No. 1 green electricity provider according to Greenpeace's Green Electricity Guide

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