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Looking for ideas to make your home and lifestyle more sustainable? Let us inform and inspire you! This May is Home & Living month at Everything Sustainable.

Bear & Kind pet soap

Who are Bear & Kind Apawthecary?

Settle Petal, There There Pet, Down Boy and Get Off My Back, are some of the very cute names for Bear & Kind's pet balms, shampoo bars and spa day products.

Learn more about the philosophy behind this pet care brand from rural Victoria.

Featured Brands

Cardboard bed by Yona

Yona makes sustainable beds from... cardboard! Yes you read that right. Check out their profile to learn more.

Koala Eco products near a sink
Koala Eco

Ditch toxic chemicals? Koala Eco are behind a growing collection of natural cleaning products for your home.

woman carrying an Uppercup take away cup

With their stylish yet practical design, Uppercup reusables are a great Australian made option for your daily cuppa.

What's New

Wooden furniture on a wooden floor
Home & Living - Is being eco friendly expensive?

Is it expensive to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle? Not necessarily! Just check out these 25+ ideas. Some cost nothing and some will even save you money!

Woman working at a desk looking at a dog
Home & Living - Five small(ish) changes with a BIG effect

Ever wonder which of the small(ish) changes you make to reduce your carbon footprint will have the biggest effect? We were curious to find out too, so we investigated, and here are our favourite five.

Wind turbines in fog
Visit us again in June, when we focus on the big changes we need to make.

We'll be looking at banking, investing and superannuation, renewable energy, transport, and other big topics.

If you're interested in joining our community of brands or want to contribute to our blog, contact us or explore the information in the footer.

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